Installing the CareLink USB Driver

This procedure is for Windows users only.

During your first CareLink USB upload, you will need to install the CareLink USB driver. Follow the steps below to install the driver.

Note: You may not see some of the wizard screens described in these steps.

1.Make sure that CareLink USB is NOT connected to your computer.
2.If your computer is running the Windows Vista™, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 operating system, and you have not yet uploaded this device with this operating system, see Logging in to Windows as an administrator.
3.When you see the screen in the CareLink Personal upload wizard that tells you to install the CareLink USB driver, click the Next button. The system copies the driver to your computer.
4.After the driver has been copied to your computer, the Finish Installation screen is displayed, instructing you to connect the CareLink USB device. Connect the CareLink USB to your computer.
5.The Found New Hardware Wizard opens. If you do not see the Found New Hardware Wizard, go to step 9.
6.If the Found New Hardware Wizard asks whether you want to connect to Windows Update to search for software, you can select any option.
7.Click Next on each page of this wizard, leaving the default options selected, until the wizard informs you that you have finished installing the software for Medtronic CareLink USB.
8.Click Finish to close the Found New Hardware Wizard.
9.The CareLink Personal upload wizard screen displays a message that the CareLink USB device is ready. Click Finish to upload data as described in Uploading data from your device.