Uploading data from your device

To use the Upload screen to copy device data, first connect your device to your computer, unless you are using CareLink USB. In that case, do not connect CareLink USB to your computer until you are instructed to do so by the system.

If you click on another system tab or hyperlink during an upload, the upload will be cancelled.

WARNING:  If a bolus or temp basal is being delivered, allow it to finish before uploading the pump.

CAUTION:  The Paradigm series pumps may be in SUSPEND mode during an upload. Make sure your pump is no longer in SUSPEND mode after the upload is complete.

The following steps take you through the process of a device upload:

1.If your computer is running the Windows Vista™, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 operating system, and you have not yet uploaded a device with this operating system, see Logging in to Windows as an administrator.
2. Make sure you are on the Upload screen.
Once the applet loads, the first device upload window is displayed:
3.Follow the instructions on the window. When you are ready to go to the next step, click Next > to display the next window.
If you see screens for installing the SerialPort driver, see Downloading the SerialPort driver.
If you see screens for installing the Bayer USB driver, see Installing the Bayer USB driver.
If you see screens for installing the CareLink USB driver, see Installing the CareLink USB Driver.
If you see screens for installing the BD USB interface cable, see Installing the BD USB interface cable driver.
If you do not see the name of your device listed on the screen, see Supported devices to make sure that your device is supported.
Follow the instructions on each window, making sure to click Next > when you are ready to move on.
To skip steps in the process, wait until the Finish button is highlighted, and click on it instead of Next >.
4.When you see the Verify Connections window, read the steps. This is to ensure you have properly set up communication between your computer and device.
If you are uploading a supported Bayer meter with a USB connector, you must make sure that the GLUCOFACTS™ DELUXE software is closed before continuing. If you are using a Windows computer, you must also make sure to exit GLUCOFACTS DELUXE from your Windows system tray, as shown here. Right click on the GLUCOFACTS DELUXE icon, and select Exit.
5.When you are ready to complete the upload, click Finish.
A progress bar appears to show the status of your device upload, and the message displayed changes to describe each step in the upload.
Note: To stop the upload, click CANCEL.
If there are differences between the device you are uploading and one you uploaded before, or if there is a difference in the time settings between your device and your computer, a Checking Conditions window appears.
6.Read and follow the instructions on the screen.
When the upload completes successfully, a SUCCESS screen appears with a list of options for how to make use of the uploaded data. It also reminds Paradigm Link users to disconnect the device from the computer to conserve battery life.
If you get an error message and cannot fix the issue, contact your local country representative for assistance.
CAUTION:  Once the upload is complete, make sure the pump is no longer in suspend mode.